Saturday, August 23, 2008

Be Careful little lips

Okay, first off, let me apologize to all of my reading public for being so late in writing a new entry. I hope both of you forgive me.

After hearing the news this morning that Mr. Obama has chosen his running the way, the fact that one of the candidates for president is younger than me is a little disturbing...but back to the point...I was reminded of four years ago. I remember when Mr. Edwards was asked while he was still running for the Democratic nomination, if he would consider being vice president. He made it very clear (I'm sure it could be easily retrieved somewhere online) that he had no intentions of running in the second spot and if offered he would very cleary turn the offer down. He was quite adament about it. Not many weeks later, he was gladly standing side by side with Mr. Kerry, hands in the air, with a watermelon sized smile...that's right, running for the second spot.

So, this morning, I couldn't help but sigh when they played a clip of Mr. Biden saying he had no interest in being the vice president and he WOULD NOT accept it if it was offered to him. Yet, 6 hours later...yepper, there he was arm in arm with Mr. Obama each with the other hand in the air and there it was...that same smile once owned by Mr. Edwards.

Hhhmmmm how soon we forget.

Reminds me of a little song we use to sing in Sunday School..."Oh Be Careful Little Lips What you say..."

Oh, they also played a clip where Mr. Biden once stated that Mr. McCain would make a good president. Wonder who he'll vote for.

Happy a happy day.