Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Hope the current Change doesn't leave us Hopeless

Well President Obama stated in his inaugural address that "we have chosen hope over fear". Sounds good to me because I believe in hope but frankly my Hope is in the Lord and not our political system. Nonetheless, his tone changed a little last Wednesday when he said "A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe." What happened to hope over fear.

Well, I've got a few fears of my own. The first is the fast action he took on expanding tax payer funding for abortions and as I understand it, not just here but in other places in the world. Another fear appeared when I heard that his very first television interview as president was not with an American network or news company but a Muslim television station where he reminded his listeners of his Muslim ties.

Then there was his emphatic stand on NO PORK in the stimulis package and then when presented it was full of pork wherein republicans called it a spending bill. Mr. Obama's response was an arrogant "What do you think stimulis is?" His statement drew laughter around the democratic chambers, but who is the laugh on?

I am a little fatigued at the continued bashing of President Bush. Has everyone forgotten that just as this president can't just do anything he wants without some house and senate support neither could the last president and he dealt much of his presidency with a democratic congress. Not all of the catastrophe that we face can be blamed on President Bush.

Go back and look at some of Barney Frank's comments about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack when the republican whitehouse was trying to get some things done several years ago.

As I promised on election day, I will and do pray for my president and he is my president, and I do hope he will seek guidance from the same place I am.