Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Issue of Traditional Marriage

Well, I'm probably writing this article for myself, seeing how I haven't written a blog in almost three months, no one will think to check by. But in case someone (you) did, here ya go.

Not exactly a HEADLINER in the paper or Network news today, but I noticed an interesting fact. As of yesterday, thirty one (31) states in this country of ours have put "Same-sex Marriages" to a popular vote. Thirty one states have come to the place where they asked the PEOPLE ( payers...civic contributors...etc.) to vote on this issue.
"Should Gay Marriages be recognized as legal and appropriate in this country/state?"

Out of thirty one states to vote on this issue so far, THIRTY ONE (31) have voted against the amendment. Thirty one states have said no to that idea. Yesterday's vote was in Maine and was defeated 53% - 47%.

The American people continue, election after election, to uphold the traditional, God-ordained institution of marriage between one man and one woman. Even, other major religions (other than Christianity) hold fast to this institution.

Does it resignate to this world that the continued existence of the population depends on procreation and that there is NO OTHER form of natural procreation than one man's contribution and one woman's contribution that creates life. I believe that is Almighty God's sacred design...HOWEVER, if you choose not to join me in that conviction, it does not change the fact that the statement is nonetheless, still true. We can "mess" around with ways to "take this and plant it here and manipulate there", but you still have to have the man's contribution and the woman's contribution to procreate, period.

I do not believe any homosexual (or other groups) should be mistreated and abused for their lifestyle. I will stand with anyone on the issue of protection and preservation of freedom of diversity without abuse or hate monging. But that does not put me in the category of believing it is okay or accepting the idea of Gay Marriage.

Some would call me a bigot or intolerant for my beliefs and convictions, but they(my convictions) are scripturally based.

Millions of people in thirty one states have held to the idea of traditional marriage existing between one man and one woman and that's the way God presented and intended it according to the scriptures.

I will love and welcome those who do not agree with me, but I will continue to defend my right and duty to preach the truth .

As I write this blog let me state my concern for the internal agony of all who struggle with this issue on either side. God Bless.