Monday, January 4, 2010

Am I Getting Old Or What?

Yesterday I preached a sermon entitled "This Old House" from II Corinthians 5:2 and talked about our earthly bodies. For emphasis for my second point concerning the fact that our bodies are deteriorating I wrote a poem and decided to share it with you here.

It's called
"Am I Getting Old Or What?"
My eyes are dimming, I cannot see & my hair is turning gray,
My ears are plugged, I can bearly hear & my teeth are going away.
My feet are sore & with arthritis my hands are bent,
My blood's growing thin, I'm getting cold again & now my energy is spent.
My bones are crackling, I wake up hacking and I think I lost some lung,
I'm not going out, I'm nursing my gout & now I watch birds for fun.
I used to play & run all day & I never seemed to tire,
But now I'm pooped & I missed a loop & I need to sit by the fire.
So, the light's still on & I still have a song but the pace has slowed a great deal,
So pass me my teeth & roll down my sleeves & get me some water for my pill.
Turn up the sound, help me sit down & get me some lotion for my skin,
Wait a minute, help me back up & point the way, Cause I think I have to go again!