Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It is Well!

Sitting in a small room was the husband of 57 years of the dear woman laying just feet away being kept alive by artificial means. The man's daughter and her husband and myself joined by a doctor and a nurse who explained the horrible reality of a choice that must be made.

Not a choice any of us ever want to have to make. How do you choose to sever a part of yourself. A companion heartbeat that has been attached in every way for over half a century.
The body grows old and tired and unable to continue being the affective conduit for a precious life of a wife, mother, grandmother , mother-in-law, friend and so on.

Tears shed and then a funny story of days gone by, blank stares , another tear, a smile, another story, distant look and expressions of emptiness and sadness.

But somehow, there was the sense of joy and hope and yes, even victory. There was the absolute hope of glory because of a decision made so long ago ... a decision of surrender and acceptance.

The dear husband of so many years, burdened bythe guilt of making such a decision regarding the removal of artificial life support, in my way of thinking, offered the most wonderful of gifts when he agreed to allow his precious mate to slip peacefully into the arms of a waiting and loving Savior, Friend and Lord.

Oh Hallelujah, What a Savior.

Take a moment and express your love and enjoy the moment in which you live.