Sunday, March 6, 2011


What word can be applied to all of the following scenarios?

Commitment to one's occupation
To the point of pushing all else aside.

A desire for sexual sensation
Until fully complied.

An hatred for an opposing posture
to the point of violence and disrespect.

A love for all of nature,
to enjoy, record and protect.

A delight in certain food,
which makes waiting almost painful.

A determination to be rude,
arrogant, haughty and disdainful.

A burning to right a wrong,
and to be there at all cost.

A desire to live out a song,
and in love allow self to be lost.

Power to control all things,
and have others to you to bow.

Humility and all that it brings,
and respect for others to vow.

Curse the conviction of others,
and desire a great physical loss.

To die to make men brothers,
as Christ did on the Cross!

There is one word that can be used,
to answer the original question.

That word can not be confused,
all of the above fall under "Passion".

We are all passionate about something and it is not always a positive and lovely thing. Check your heart and your passions and the effort you make in living your passion out. Jesus was passionate enough to die for us. May we be passionate enough to live for him.