Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dad-Gum Cough

When we arrived in Argentina on Saturday morning, May 16th we were issued, on the plane, masks and rubber gloves to wear until we were out of the terminal. Of course we all assumed it was because of the Swine Flu but it was not. Argentina had recorded 46,000 cases of the Dengue Fever (pronounced Dangu) which is a virus spread by mosquitoes.
Well, I am home now and I did not get the Dengue Fever but I do have a DAD-GUM cough that is ripping my chest out. It starts somewhere just short of my big toe and works it's way up through my fat self and grabs hold of my aorta or something and tries to bring it out with it.
When I cough, boats move out of the way.

But honestly that is a small price to pay for the wonderful time we had doing ministry in Argentina.

It is still exciting when someone walks up to you and says "Hey, by the way, you will be preaching in the special service tonight" and you didn't even know there was a special service planned. I like to say that for fun, but the truth is, I love the opportunity to preach at anytime and I always expect to preach at a moments notice... it truly is one of the blesssings of going.

We had a productive week with 125 decisions for Christ and then on the last night at a soccer stadium we did the empty hearts drama and I had the awesome privilege of preaching one more time and God allowed us to witness 45 more souls come to him. AWESOME!

And regardless of what Eric says...I DID lose almost 6 pounds... granted, I don't know how, but I did...not a problem, I've managed to find of a couple of them already.

Dios es Bueno !!! God is good!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Tribute to Scott C Calloway

I ran into Mr. Jolly yesterday. Mr. Jolly was my junior high school principal and also was one of my Sunday School teachers. My oldest daughter and my wife have also worked with him in the school system. He would be one the people on my "People who help shape my life" list. It was really nice running into him and his two daughters. He was celebrating his 70th birthday (which was the day before).
It is very hard to believe that Mr. Jolly is 70...at least until I remember how old I am.

Then when I got home I read on facebook that another man on my list, Scott C Calloway, had died. He was our high school band director in our city since the forties , I think or maybe the early fifties.Mr. Calloway had a major influence on my life and I will always be grateful for the character he helped to instill in me. He died on his birthday (93, I think) I remember when I was a senior he announced one day that he didn't expect to live much longer because all of his family died around the age that he was then. I guess he would have never expected to make it another 35 years...amazing.

"Take all you want, but eat all you take" he would say when the band was eating somewhere.

"Make sure we leave this place cleaner then it was when we got here" There's one I have tried to pass on to every group I have ever been with.

"If you want to be respected, rspect others and give them a reason to respect you"

I disappointed Mr. Calloway one time in a dumb decision I made and he let me know exactly how he felt and then he gave me another chance and things changed. In my adulthood I have had a number of opportunities to see Mr. Calloway and he would beam when he saw me and often mentioned how proud he was of how I turned out. I'm quite sure that at one point he didn't expect me to turn out very well at all.

But for any success I have enjoyed, I must attribute a part to him. A true hero to me.

Thank you Mr. C. for being who and what you were... we will likely never know the thousands of lives you touched on your journey here.