Friday, November 2, 2012

If I Die Before I wake

If I die before I wake,
Nothing here will I take.
But lots of things I'll leave behind,
For they were borrowed and never mine.

If in fact, I were to die,
Without the chance to say good-bye,
Just look around and you will see,
Something to remind you of me...

A Reese wrapper or a diet coke,
A crumbled page of some tired ole joke,
Or on my desk, a bible worn,
Pages brown & marked & torn.

Or look up at the birds in the trees,
Or stand out in the summer's breeze,
Or listen for the ocean's crash,
Or look at my grave-stone dash.

Or listen to "It Is Well",
Or to the sounds of Christmas bells,
Or a lively Southern Gospel tune,
Or just stand and stare at the moon.

Yes, If I die before you do,
Know that I really cared for you,
And that my earthly work is done,
And now I'm with the Father's Son!