Friday, May 25, 2012

I Believe!

I had some things on my mind and decided to write a blog to find that it has been exactly a year ago today since my last blog. Wow. So, I thought I'd just share some random thoughts... here we go ... I believe Jesus Is God and He is eternal, past and future ... does that make me an idiot? I believe in Creation and a young earth ... does that make me ignorant? I believe marriage is clearly outlined in the scripture as being between 1 man & 1 woman ... does that make me a bigot? I believe that Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven ... does that make me narrow-minded? I believe that I am supposed to live out my beliefs in love ... does that make me weak? I believe I am supposed to follow God's commandment to share the message of salvation ... does that make me arrogant? I believe we are living in the last days ... does that make me an alarmist? I believe that God can save anyone on earth who ask Him ... does that make me naive? I believe Hell is real and Heaven is too ... does that make me gullible? I believe that I can respect others but should not compromise God's Word is doing so... does that make me inflexible? I believe that I am a sinner saved by Grace of which I do not deserve ... and that makes me very Grateful! God Bless [P.S. By the time I sent entered this post it is the next day... see first sentence]